Pay Yo Bills!!: Terrell Owens’ Big Money Baby Momma Breakdown

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How the hell did this moron fawk up $55 milli?!?!

According to TMZ reports:

Terrell Owens’ financial situation is so dire, he filed papers in three separate child support cases to have his payments lowered … because he makes ZERO DOLLARS … this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, a bench warrant was issued for T.O.’s arrest after he missed a court date with one baby mama … to whom he’s trying to lower child support payments.

Turns out … T.O. has three OTHER baby mamas and over the past few months he’s filed to have his payments reduced with two of them (and, according to his rep, he plans to file for a modification of support for the third).

For those of you counting at home, here’s the scorecard …

Flip the script to see how much gwap T.O. was actually kickin’ out for Louis Vuitton bags and Louboutin heels.


  • team nymphis

    like my girls say: fck this pu-c
    3 baby momas…hope they get him for errthing

  • lovebug

    Man what a female will do for a check….that’s why its called NFL…not for long…hopefully these dumb females saved some of that money.

  • Miss Lenny

    I feel bad for T.O., and hopefully those women have a backup plan and are not soley relying on dudes money. Who needs almost 30k a month on child support? Kids are not a paycheck for your lifestyle. T.O. should a bit more careful, wear a condom and get a FINANCIAL ADVISOR, pronto.

  • rere

    @Miss Lenny…the women need ALL that money for their weaves, Red Soles, club’n, shopping(not for the children, but for them), the tired men they’re probably taken care of. But I’m sure ur get”n what I’m say’n…..the women are beyond trifflin….its a shame, the children are more than a paycheck….SMMFH @ the mothers of his children.

  • KNT

    #1) T.O should have been smarter and not so careless(Not using protection)#2 Courts should request from these women an expense report for what $20,000 a month is being spent on for these kids #3)If it were me and I was T.O I would ask the court to except giftcards (Toys r us, Grocery Stores, Gas cards, Children clothing stores) so he knows his $ is being spent on the children! Can’t get the hair fried/died with Grocery gift cards!!! But ultimately he brought this on his self!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    One would think that after shelling out 20k a month for the first child he would learn his lesson, but these guys just never do. This story continues to play out over and over with pro athletes. Oh well.

  • Tamia

    I don`t know why these men on here want to say negatives things about the kids mothers, T.O. should take some responsibility and strap it up for goodness sake. These nfl players and rappers need to realize they are a come up for a woman once they impregnate them they pop and leave and legally the mothers have a right to recieve a paycheck.

  • Tamia

    Ooh yeah he is tryna beat little Wayne in the baby mama department.

  • notangie

    I’m in the wrong business!!!!!

  • givmeabrek

    SMMH….these women should be ashamed of themselves what are they buying for these kids that requires 20k a month……who are these judges that are setting these outrageous payments they know good and well this money is not being spent on these children…..but like I tell my son and his frens wear a CONDOM!!!!

  • :-/

    Unless you know these kid’s mom personally how can you say the moms are buying things for them & not the kids? I think that is unfair to post a one-sided opinion on something one don’t know about.

  • MissDee

    The sad thing is that these mothers have probably spent most if not all of that child support money. Judges should stipulate that a portion of such large child support payments be held in a trust for the children. The financial support of a child is the responsibility of BOTH parents. How much do the mothers contribute? If you don’t work and live soley off child support, you are USING your child.

  • MissHersheysKiss

    some baby mamas of athletes are definately getting over and beating the system but no one should feel sorrow for these athletes with multiple baby mamas espec. since they chose not to wrap it up knowing the consequences

  • Realist1

    See I dont understand the system, im all for both parents playing a valuable role in their childrens lives, it should be a equal effort and where 1 is lacking rightfully so the fills in the gap…..but seriously im a single working mother and I make ends meet on me alone, would I want more cushion yes, but do I need it NO….so the moral to my story is as mothers we make stuff happen with what we have for our children, be mindful that things chg and 1 should be flexible enough to adjust…..and use the most reliable source of all jesus christ

  • LadySouth

    I dont feel sorry for TO at all. Wasn’t he trying to proper to the tall chick at the end of last season but he ARGUED with Mo about building a relationship with his son? What a joke.

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