Exclusive: Woman Claims Dwyane Wade Is A Dirty Dog Who Cheats On Gabby And Definitely Got It In With Lauren London

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Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Lauren London

If Dwyane Wade thought the rumors about him getting it in with Lauren London would go away, he thought wrong.

Bossip spoke with a source who has known Wade for years and says his dirty dog behavior has been going on for quite some time and still hasn’t stopped.

Here’s what our source had to say:

“He cheats on Gabrielle Union all the time. I’ve known Dwyane a long time. Let me explain how long… I used to pay him visits when he used to reside at the Setai. That was one of his many residences in Miami. That was his chill spot back in the days when he was married. Gabrielle was also a frequent visitor, as well Lauryn London. They were on an in and out basis, he had them hoes in rotation.”

What?!? A baller with numerous hoes in rotation. Okay so that’s not exactly shocking, especially since it’s no secret that D-Wade’s relationship with Gabrielle Union started while he was still married. But our insider revealed a number of details folks may find interesting.

For example, here’s how D-Wade covered his behind when it came to messing with actress Lauren London:

Sharif, Dwyane’s assistant would front and say he dated Lauren, yet everyone knew damn well he could not pull a girl like Lauren. Anyways Dwayne and Marcus his boy from when he was younger would have all types of b*tches in their low key, apt.

Miami's Setai

Here’s a photo of the Setai, the hotel where the dirty deeds went down.

Just in case you’re wondering, yes our source is a woman who says she’s been with D-Wade as well. Keep clicking to find out how he puts it down and more juicy details about the Miami Heat star.


  • Christielove1468

    Gabby should know how firsthand how bad Dwyane used to cheat on his ex wife,Siovaughn,with her.Gabby is in for a rude awakening if she believes that she can tame Dwyane. I am not surprised to hear about him cheating on her with Lauren London and other women as well.

  • real rap

    why should we care? gabby helped him cheat on his so shes gettin her just deserts…shes reapin what she sowed.

  • Queen

    Didnt wade get sued by his wife for giving her herpes?! ooohweee..they got it now..Proactive wont work for that Gabby..lol..smh

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    Post my shizz!!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    WTF is my comment?

  • Duhh

    Wow, that ish cray!!

  • Shauny80

    Who cares??? Everybody thinks they know every darn thing abt everybody’s lives. My point to commenting is to ask why these h0es keep kissing and telling. You doing all this telling for what? Cause when it comes down to it, they will stay together and your @$$ will still be a h0e!!! Get a life!!!

  • Yippee

    Gabrielle is gonna stay because she is broke and old. D.Wade is the best thing to happen to her. So she needs to know her place. We’re (including myself) gonna sleep with him and thats That. Kick rocks ur my moms age!

  • dc diva

    Wow. NBA players need to chill w their ho ish ways (melo) but this ho deserves to be jumped for putting the kids names into this and for being a stalker.

  • Shocked

    DWYANE WHY? I dont care for his gf I never heard of her, but D.Wade is my boy. Well he can do better anyway. Especially since she has a loooong list.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She jus mad cause she was a “secret”. Ho’s usually are! Lol

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  • deedee

    Why are the women “hoes” when Wade is the one sleeping around? Ugh.

  • Fatima El

    Gabriel knows how D wade is. He was creeping out with her while he was married. The most sad think that push women back in the stone ages Gabriel played a part to help take his children away from his wife and make her appear crazy an unfit. She did it.That’s LOW. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE CAN CHANGE A WHOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE.D. WADE NOT GOING TO MARRY ANY OF THOSE THIRSTY BROADS INCLUDING MS. UNION. LAMAO

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