Who Looked More Bangin’???

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A slew of stars hit up the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, England. Our girl, Beyonce, was there along with the alleged victim of a Bey song ganking, Leona Lewis. The song is gone, we all know that, but there might be a way for Leona to even the score. We must ask, Which one looked more bangin’?

Check out more pics of Solange, Kelly, Kanye, and Bey below.

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  • Really


  • Really

    And I’m first

  • DCsFinest

    I’m gonna go with Leona. Beyonce/Sasha is out of control!

  • Divab

    Leona is very pretty and natural!. Im going to go with her! :)

  • Canada's Ancaster Hot boi

    my wife Beyonce looking sweet,,,,,,,


    Beyonce of course!

    Watch the haters come…3, 2, 1.

  • ND

    Beyonce looked 100 times better.. damn fine!

  • kettles

    leona lewis of course shes damn confused your sasha girl

  • Butterflygirl

    The leg cross pose isn’t for everyone!

    I will still give it to Bey though.

  • talley-b M.P.I.B.

    Beyonce has got it on lock, wit her fine ass.


    95% of these hatin ass females about to have something to say about Bey that pertains nothing to the topic…

  • msgoodie goodie

    beyonce that not her at all

    that style does not goes with beyonce personality

    make her look cheep – even solonge looks better than

    beyonce – and of course the classy leona love this girl voice beautiful

  • Ty

    Let’s be honest, Simon Cowell has tried to make a carbon copy of Mariah w/Leona. Have ya’ll seen her sing Mariah’s songs on XFACTOR. Listen send the fake back to the UK, we are keeping our Legends Mariah and Legend in making Beyonce. See ya Leona “fake ass mariah copy-cat”

  • pm

    bey got it for me

  • mschocolate202

    Beyonce hands down! But this SASHA thing is getting tired!


    They both look ok for that particular event. Beyonce please lose the metal hand thing. I thought that was simply for the video. Why do people only associate “fierce” with dark colors? She’s been wearing out the black since this Sasha character decided to make an album. She’s swagger jacking everyone including her own sis for her “uniqueness. Poor Solange who actually looks better than both these ladies right now.

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