Chrissy Vs. Kimbella: Who Was More Out Of Pocket On “Love And Hip-Hop”?? (Plus What Jim Jones Thinks)

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Chrissy Lampkin vs. Kimbella on Love And Hip-Hop Season 2 Premiere

If you thought that half-a-throwdown between Chrissy Lampkin and Fabolous’ former jump-off/Juelz Santana’s permanent baby mama Kimbella was going to happen at some later point in the season, the show’s producers surprised you as much as they surprised us last night.

And in case you missed the Season 2 premiere, the fight wasn’t quite as cut and dry as it looked in the previews.

It actually felt like it was destined to go down from the very first time Kimbella and Chrissy officially met. Like us, Chrissy had a hard time understanding why this was the first time they met, considering how close their significant other are. During that first convo, Kimbella was throwing the kind of barely disguised shade that honestly made us want to fight her too. This was allegedly also when Kim realized that when she slept with Fabolous, he and Emily B were not only together but expecting a child.

Chrissy Lampkin vs. Kimbella on Love And Hip-Hop Season 2 Premiere

Fast forward a few days, Emily B is having a “freedom celebration” after finally having moved out of Fab’s house. Kimbella’s only friend on the cast so far, Yandy Smith, bring her along to the party. And that’s when Kimbella decides to put “all her cards on the table” to make sure that Emily doesn’t find out she “dated” her man from someone else.

Chrissy Lampkin vs. Kimbella on Love And Hip-Hop Season 2 Premiere

Emily’s reaction wasn’t exactly a heated one. She tells Kimbella that she was one of Fab’s many hoes and that Kimbella actually looks like the type. Kimbella also claims that off camera, Emily told her that she already had her suspicions. Chrissy, on the other hand, wasn’t as calm about it. And what started out as a shouting match quickly escalated to some serious fade catching, which you can watch by clicking here.

So now we ask you…

Hit the flip and check out what Jimmy and Chrissy had to say after the fact.


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