Fellas, Would You Rock This “Nail Polish For Men” ??

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man nail polish

Uhhh, we’re not sure about this one guys:

The question “How do my nails look?” will soon be gender neutral. Shocked? No need. It’s just evolution, man.
It has become commonplace to see historically female products make the crossover to the male market. Guyness has graduated into body girdles (GUY-dles anyone?) in the form of Manx, the male version of Spanx, and moved down the body to padded butt lifts. Body repositioning undergarments aren’t just pH balanced for women.

Next on the manscaping landscape: The once-blank canvas of the fingernail. Later this month EvolutionMan, which specializes in “modern skincare and grooming” for men, will debut a line of nail polishes exclusively for the boys.
“These are not repackaged female products,” Valerie Patton of EvolutionMan told TODAY.com. “We are introducing a line of colors that are made just for men.”

evolution man nail polish for men

The launch hues will include “Pure Bling” (clear), “Pavement” (the manliest of beige), “Stand out” (charcoal), and my choice “Alter Ego” (a purple and granite fusion). “Alter Ego” seemed appropriate as color on my nails isn’t part of my everyday persona.

SMH. Do you know any guys who would rock this stuff????


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