When The Checks Stop Coming: Find Out How Much Each Big Player Missed Out On When Their Paychecks Didn’t Arrive Thanks To The Lockout

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lebron Today was supposed to be payday for NBA players, but thanks to the lockout that didn't happen. Find out how much money the big names missed out on today. The players got a taste of the life without a steady stream of NBA paychecks and we're not sure how much they're hurting. But this money looks like some big bucks to us. Imagine how much they stand to lose if they go a whole season missing these paychecks. Holy Moly. And remember, these figures come from ONE paycheck.
kobe Kobe Bryant-$1,051,832
rashar lewis Rashard Lewis-$922,998
tim duncan Tim Duncan-$887,499
garnett Kevin Garnett-$883,332
arenas Gilbert Arenas-$802,886
dirk Dirk Nowitzki-$795,535
gasol Pau Gasol-$779,755
carmelo Carmelo Anthony-$771,665
amare Amar’e Stoudemire-$759,070
joe johnson Joe Johnson-$751,606
lebron LeBron James-$667,604
bosh Chris Bosh-$667,604
d wade Dwyane Wade-$646,333
chris paul Chris Paul-$681,658
billups Chauncey Billups-$591,666
durant Kevin Durant-$566,833

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