Photoshop Hell: The Worst, Most Hilariously Bad Album Covers Of All Time

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lil wayne carter 3

We’ve heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But what about albums?

So much investment is put into album packaging and determining how an artist is marketed. That starts with the album cover. Sometimes they’re masterpieces that rile up their fans. Other times, they’re pauseworthy moments of Photoshop awkwardness that we can’t help but laugh at. So with that said, here are the most horrible album covers of all time.

pooh man funky as i wanna be

Pooh Man – Funky As I Wanna Be – What in the name of Herpes is going on here? Is she dead or something? Pooh Man is a freak. Clearly.

tony tee time to get physical

Tony Tee – Time To Get Physical – Why does he need two burly guys to lift a bar with no weights on it. And what is that chick doing? There’s so much awkward going on here.

lil wayne carter 3

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III –
What’s going on with Weezy here? This was in the height of his crazy drugginess and the album cover is a perfect example. Tatted up babies? And a million people bought this damn thing in its first week.

big bear doin thangs

Big Bear – Doin Thangs – So we’re throwing bears on album covers like they’re super hood or something? The Ghetto Berenstein Bears look means this should go straight to the trash bin.

millie jackson

Millie Jackson – Back To The Isht – Want to say that rappers are responsible for all the horrible album covers? Look at this old school cover from Millie Jackson. On the toilet? That’s a little too much.


Spank Rock and Benny Blanco – Bangers & Cash –
So we’re just going to throw two chunky chicks in a vat of honey and pretend like they’re dimes? They couldn’t find other women? Or better names thank Spank Rock? Fail galore!

top dog slammin hoes

Top Dog – Slam Dunk’n Hoes – He’s just literally slam dunking a hoe. Who would pose for this? Did she think that getting dunked LeBron style into a goal would be her big break? She’s probably at K-Mart wondering where it all went wrong.

ta smallz

TA Smallz – Who Killed My Mama – The title alone is enough to make us wonder what could possibly be in store for us. Why on earth would they feel the need to have digital roses? Real roses cost like ten bucks. So…fake roses? Why?!

christmas n memphis

Various Artists – Christmas N’ Memphis – So, this is how Christmas is in Memphis? Crackhead-looking Santas getting held up at gun point? Can we never have Christmas in Memphis? Ever.

toys trees and

DJ Scream Kickstand – Toys, Trees And Snow – Actually, we have no clue what the title or musician is. There are just so many words! Can we just make rappers stay away from Christmas albums for ever and ever?

wet blakc

Wet Black – Errrr. No comment.

uncl murda

Uncle Murda – Murda’s Muzik II – Why would anyone want to shoot a care bear? Or photoshop dead Care Bears on album covers? Maybe this is why nobody listens to Uncle Murda? It’s karma.

okra eaters

Skillet & Leroy – The Okra Eaters – We think that “okra” might be code for something else. But why would you want to reference a hoo-ha as okra of all things?! That just doesn’t make any man want to come anywhere near it. Ewwwww.

who's hard

Big Shug – Who’s Hard – The cover itself is pretty normal. But that title? Is this an album title or a solicitation? You can’t be gangsta with a title like that? Sorry Mr. Shug.

killa klan

Killa Klan – Kill Or Be Killed – Why are there KKK members in the background? Are they supposed to be Black guys in Klan hoodies? Nothing good can come from any of this. Just stop it.

no limit

Every No Limit Album Ever – We could donate a whole section to just the crappy No Limit Albums. They were all full of glitter, bright colors and were more gaudy than your aunt’s church hat. What was Master P thinking?


Every Cash Money Album – And following in No Limit’s footsteps was Cash Money. Their albums looked just as gaudy and embarrassing. Looks like Weezy hasn’t changed too much since then.


  • April

    Absolutely hilarious. DJ kickstand?!…Hahahahaha!

  • n.o. raised me, n.y.c. pays me

    Ummm I am hoping that those were just for entertainment purposes and not distributed as an actual album cover smh….but then again being from new Orleans and I remember those master p and cashmoney covers so they may be real smh

  • nola bound....

    Awww Wayne was a cutie pie!!!! I wish he didn’t do that to his face we clearly see its him because he looks the same just a billion times cuter lol

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