The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Popped For Giving Her Baby A Sip Of Wine Cooler

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Laqweeta Neal

SMH at this story…and of course these people live in Florida:

A 30-year-old Fort Myers woman was arrested on Saturday after admitting to Fort Myers Police officers that she gave a 1-year-old child drinks from an alcoholic beverage. Police say they received a call from a woman requesting assistance around 10:15 p.m. The woman disconnected the phone call quickly.

When police called back, the woman stated there was “no emergency.” Officers were dispatched to the area and found a large group of people in front of a residence. Laqweeta Neal was identified as the woman who requested police. Neal told officers that her brother slapped her in the face and twisted her arm behind her head after she provided the child with a “sip” from wine coolers she had been consuming.

Due to Neal’s admission that she provided a child with an alcoholic beverage, she was arrested and charged with child abuse. Neal’s brother, Rousheem Williams, was also arrested for the obvious injuries caused to Neal. He is charged with battery.

Man, her brother “slapped her in the face and twisted her arm behind her head”?!?! Tough life. Hopefully the baby is okay.



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