Broke As A Joke: Linda Hogan Cleans The Hulkster Out In Their Divorce

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hulk and linda hogan

Hulk may be down for the count thanks to his wife and her lawyers.

Just check out what Linda got from her ex-husband thanks to the divorce settlement:

– A new story about Hulk Hogan’s financial state since his divorce from Linda Hogan was finalized. Some of the details coming out of the divorce are below:

* Linda got over 70% of the couple’s liquid assets…specifically, she got $7.44 million of the their $10.41 million from various bank and investment accounts.

* Hogan agreed to give Linda 40% ownership in his companies, as well as pay out a $3 million property settlement.

* The two will be splitting the money that comes from the sales of their homes in Clearwater Beach and Belleair, Florida.

* Linda got to keep a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce and various off-road vehicles. Hulk got the rest.

Seventy percent? And all of those cars? Did Hulk not even bother to get a lawyer? So, Linda is banging a kid half her age in his house and she ends up with all of his isht. She came up!

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  • Damnshame

    This is why you gotta OJ these women!!!.. That man destroyed his body for that money

  • Big Ryde

    Why are men getting married again??

  • Ho_Sit_Down

    “OJ” these women?! You’re a fool and hopefully you choke on the spit in your mouth that has gathered for the last 4 hours from being at work, in your cubicle, with no one to talk to cuz you have no friends. When you get on whatever “bus” system to go home to your empty house, turn off all your carbon monoxide detectors and leave the gas on full-blast from your dirty stove. Fool. No wonder white people think OJ is guilty the way you’re talking, but oops, they probably try not to interact with your dumb a**.

  • Professor

    Sorry but, Hulk ain’t broke. I don’t know what yall’s definition of broke it, but this ain’t it. He keeps over 3 milli from money in bank now, money from sale of two homes, 60% of his companies, and cars. Most significant is fact that Hulk is going to stay getting it through appearances and investments. Linda probably going to trick her’s off on the youngster. She will run through that bread like Eddie Murphy’s ex did.

  • Linda Hogan Cleans The Hulkster Out In Their Divorce | |

    […] may be down for the count thanks to his wife and her […]

  • Broke As A Joke: Linda Hogan Cleans The Hulkster Out In Their Divorce |

    […] may be down for the count thanks to his wife and her […]

  • Tonya

    She need to sit down somewhere, and be with a man her age instead of some youngster who`s young enough to be her son, straight up trife!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    That’s why they say, “It’s cheaper to keep her.”

  • Kiim

    Wow that is so unfair she did not take one of those beatings that earned that money. SMDH!! The courts just encourage craziness.

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