Random Ridiculousness: Five Sleeping Men Groped By “Bed Intruder”

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man sleeping

How random is this story?

Charlottesville police have received five reports from men who say they were groped by an intruder while they slept. Lt. Ronnie Roberts says in each case, the victims have awakened and chased the suspect away with “verbal commands.” He says police are hoping to catch the perpetrator before one of his victims fights back and someone gets hurt.

Police say the victims are all young men who live in an area heavily populated by University of Virginia students. The intruder enters through unlocked doors and puts his hands on the outside of the sleeping men’s clothing. The Daily Progress reports that the incidents occurred between Sept. 29 and Nov. 13.

Police are urging anyone victimized by the intruder to call them immediately.

We can hear Antoine Dodson now…



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