Will and Jada Do Essence

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Despite all of the scientology, bisexual swinging aspects of their relationship, these two seem to be genuinely in love. Hell, maybe that’s what it takes. Do what what works for you, right?

Check out the lovely couple’s spread in Essence. They sure look good together.

And a few more pictures of Black love when you


  • talley-b M.P.I.B.


  • cocosensationatl


  • Official TimeHater (Let's Right This Ship Barack!)

    Wow, fake or not, those are some stunning pictures!

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  • iluvprada

    How sweet…


    nice, nice posting Jada coming off a RAVENS winning weekend..bmore all day!

  • http://none anitabonita

    i’m bout tired of these two.. good people but just like a stepford fam somtimes..

  • lindy

    i love will but something about him screams out gay dont know what it is.

  • dfiestyone

    Simply beautiful!!! Jada is gorgeous!!

  • dfiestyone

    Will is fine, my bad!!! LOL!

  • Nyah Molineaux

    I like the pictures, they are a beautiful couple.

  • Vee-Yes We Did!

    Despite the rumors, I don’t think Will is gay. If anything I think he’s the total opposite: a superfreak who bangs as many chicks as he can on the set of his movies:-)

  • FallinPoet(We finally have a hero we can believe in!)

    i think they are super cute together…

  • zappy

    They are both gay and fronting.

    I don’t know why they think people aren’t intelligent enough to see through this.

    Disgusting that magazines continue to help them perpetuate this myth of a marraige.

  • mandah... 21 like Black Jack and a sucka for a white russian ;)

    psh maaaan i was watchin set it off the other day! boi! that ish reminded me of the good ole jada from back in the day and lo down dirty shame too lol

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