“Gangster Of Love” The Aids Spreader (Who Got 120 Years) Swirl Baby Momma Speaks Out!! [Video]

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Gangster of Love…smh:

The mother of Andre Davis two children is speaking out about the impact those charges have had on her and their kids. Andre Davis faces 15 counts of felonious assault when trial begins at the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas. Prosecutors say he failed to warn 12 women about his HIV status before becoming intimate with them. If convicted, he faces up to 120 years in prison. His former girlfriend, Alex Uehlein, has faced a myriad of challenges since finding out about the charges. She first met Davis when she was 20, and he was wrestling under the name “Andre Heart.” He stole hers just before he got an offer from the WWE, an offer Uehlein says the wrestling organization withdrew when his physical showed Davis was HIV-positive.

Turn the page to see the interview and his 2 kids.

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