Black College Student Refuses To Take Down Confederate Flag And Doesn’t Want To Be Called “African American” [Video]

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This kid, Byron, can’t spell “because,” but feels he knows enough to keep his self hatred flag flying:

My college has forced me to take my confederate Flag down becuase they said I am violating a “Racism Code”. They can’t do that to me because it is a public college and i have my right to freedom of speech. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are on my side and i have an attoney. If they housing department does not allow me to put it back up, after the letter has been sent. Then a HUGE LAWSUIT will take place, becuase the university is violating my right of Freedom of Speech. I’m Black NOT African American and I Dont see the Confederate Flag as a RACIST SYMBOL!!! –CNN

Turn the page to see this guys reasoning behind flying that flag

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