New Cholo On The Block: Mr. Capone-E (Southsider Rapper From Cali) New Video With Snoop Dogg [Video]

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Bossip: How did you first get into hip hop?

Capone-E: Used to rap at backyard bbqs … Rapped in the hood … It was a hobby and meeting the right people turned it into a profession.

Bossip:What artists inspired you growing up?

Capone-E: Easy e … Snoop dogg … Nate dogg … Dr.dre.

Bossip: The Latin lifestyle has crossed over into urban culture? Tattoos have become a multi million dollar business, but describe what tattoo’s mean in your culture and lifestyle?.

Capone-E: The tattoos we used to get were for our hoods … My people got tats bc they were defending a area .. It was about pride and respect .. Not a fashion trend .. It was about putting your badge on you and representing and showing your ranks and allegiance to something.

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