Strange Matrimony-Dom: Doug Christie Almost Got Away From Jackie On Day One Of Their Marriage

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Jackie Christie Shares Details Fans May Not Know About Her Marriage

If you follow BOSSIP on Twitter, you know that we, more than most, would like Doug Christie to be emancipated. So we were shocked and a little saddened to learn that Doug almost got off the Crazy Jackie train before it even left the station.

There were a LOT of mishaps on our wedding day.
We lost the ring. Doug’s tux ripped because it was too tight on the inside — it was rented because his was in Toronto — so he had to put on a nice black suit at the last minute. And then while we were going down the winding staircase to come to where the minister was, I kept on telling him the entire time, whispering to him, “If you want to, you can change your mind about this. We can still have a party — you don’t have to marry me.” And the entire time, he’s just looking at me with this weird look. And then finally we get to the bottom, and he says, “Lady, if you don’t come on and become my wife … I dont want to hear another word from you!” It was so cute the way he said it. People were wondering what was up, but I was just overjoyed.

Yeah, poor Doug definitely suffers from Stockholm Syndrome… He’s also, apparently the woman of the house.

I let Doug take charge in the kitchen. He’s definitely the cook in the family. He cooks every single day.

My husband home-schools our son. He spends a lot of time homeschooling our [nine-year-old] son, Douglas Jr. So the two of them get all of their stuff together over the weekend and do arts and crafts. And then sometimes we make banana pancakes, too.

Now, we know that in this recession, a lot of men have become “house dads”… but that’s usually because their wife is at work. What the hell is Jackie doing that cooking and educating their boy has to fall on Doug?

Click here to see what else Jackie had to share about her marriage.

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