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William Balfour is set to released on the 23rd of this month, and his new girl is saying he told her he was involved:

William Balfour, the only individual to be identified as a “person of interest” in the shootings of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother, allegedly told his girlfriend he was involved in the murders, sources told the Chicago Tribune. However, Balfour’s girlfriend reportedly told police that he was not involved in the death of Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew, Julian King. Julian, the son of Jennifer’s sister (and Balfour’s estranged wife) Julia, went missing around the time of the shootings. His body was later discovered in an SUV on the South Side of Chicago. Law enforcement officials reportedly told the Tribune that Balfour allegedly stated that he was at the Hudsons’ home the morning of the murders. Darnell Donerson and Jason Hudson, the mother and brother of Oscar winner Jennifer, were found dead on the afternoon of Oct. 24 in their home on the South Side of Chicago. Balfour had been on parole since his 2006 release from prison after a 1999 conviction for attempted murder until he was reportedly taken into police custody at around 6 PM on the day of the murders. He has not been charged in the case, though he was reportedly returned to prison on a parole violation after being held for 48 hours.The day of the murders, he reportedly missed a meeting with his parole officer and told him that he was “babysitting on the West Side,” according to the Associated Press. The Tribune reported that upon his arrest, he answered officers’ questions until offered a lie-detector test, which he refused to take. Balfour is scheduled to have a hearing before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board at 9 AM on Monday, at which time he could be set free or held for further hearings should the board find probable cause that he has violated his parole or committed a crime.

This story just seems to get more and more bizarre by the day. The Police really need to get on their job here and bring Balfour’s chick in for questioning if it is within the law to do so. As the many different layers to this story continue to unravel, we will be sure to keep you posted.



  • sam


  • JAD

    They need to hurry up and get to the bottom of this.

  • Katherine

    Whether its Balfour or someone else, I don’t really care..I just want the person responsible for this to face some serious charges

  • Chi-Town

    Set him free, tha streets are waiting on him.

  • Lady elle

    This investigation doesn’t seem to be going well.

  • X

    Black people need to do better & be better.


    if this is true and others were involved she will be dead by weeks end. I still believe it was more than one person so if this is correct then DAMN, the CPD is setting her up by not protecting her.

  • Wife

    at the end of the day, Balfour knows something. and thats a fact!

  • Ms.Officer

    This story reminds me of the one of Tonya Smith and her two boys. now I am reading that Julia came up missing. What’s is up with that? “Where my child is… is where I will be” What about the DNA it was stated in earlier reports that the brother fault his attacker, look very close and make William take the test and Julia too. CPD need to know everybodys where about and do they have an alibi. I watch a lot of television. I pray that this will come to an end soon.

  • Cynt

    now why would anyone just flat out tell their girlfriend they had something to do with some murders? that doesn’t even sound right. now i’m not saying he’s innocent at all. i’m just saying i think that girlfriend is pissed off because balfour mother went on nancy grace and said he had another girlfriend besides her. it’s just funny how all of a sudden she seem to know something. and just in time for his hearing today. hmmm.

  • Mississippi Gurl

    They need to bring Julia’s ass in for questioning!!!!!!!!!!! Julia knows more about the motive of this killing than she’s leading on! I dont think that she was directly involved in the murders, but I do think that she knows more about the motive of the murders. Something went down to cause these gruesome murders to occur. I just think that Julia knows more than shes telling!

  • Yea Yea

    Am I retarded? Doesn’t the article say he told his girl he was NOT involved…maybe I’m slow!

  • notimeforfakeones..

    I believe and probably always will, that Julia has something to do with what happened…Jealousy is a powerful part of hate…..

  • s

    @yea yea, you’re fine .. he told ole girl that he was NOT involved .. some people are going to read and think what they wanna … the sad thing is that he STILL has no representation .. can’t understand that ..

  • memchee

    I think ole boyee had sumthin to do with those murders…..set ’em up, pull the trigger, helped orchestrate the set up, carried it out, ……….1,2,3,4,5,or all of the above.

    leave him in jail. Those people who died, knew who they let in and trusted them enough not to worry about getting robbed or killed.

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