Luda And His Boo Hit The Red Carpet Giving Us An Excuse To Enjoy Mrs. Luda’s Cakes!

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luda Damn, damn, damn! Eudoxie is the hottest Hip-Hop boo in the game. We have proof! Luda took his possible wife to the premier of his new movie "New Year's Eve," that we're sure most men out there will get unwillingly dragged to by their wives and girlfriends. But the picture reminded us of something very important: Luda's lady is HOT!
luda Here's a full body shot of Eudoxie in that red dress. Where in the world did he find this woman?!
red dress more. Dayum! We doubt anyone finer was there.
dress You know, she's probably the only rap girlfriend that's NOT out sloring for fame. She just supports her man. That's winning.
dressh Here's another shot of that dress. It's like they mold dresses to her or something. If we were Luda, we'd just stay at home rubbing her feet and burning incense all day.
rump Aaaaand she's got mega cakes! We want to use to "p" word when talking about her. Perfection!
dancing Another tight a$$ dress. Luda needs to go out more and take Eudoxie with him every time. Get her fitted for one of those dresses too.
luda eud Ummm..Luda. We love you, but can you please get out of all of these pics of our new crush please? Thanks!
luda Haaa we see you staring at those cakes, Luda. You're not slick. But we honestly don't blame you for a second.

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