Setting The Record Straight: 15 Black And Latina Women That Definitely SHOULD Have Been In The “Hottest Women Ever” List

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jackson We've seen the travesty of the hottest women list that was released last week. Now let's set the record straight. Let's look at 15 hot mommas that deserve to be on the stupid list! By the way, we STILL can't believe Jennifer Anniston got #1.
lena horne Lena Horne - She's classy and classic. Appreciate the realness.
eva mendes Eva Mendes - She's J. Lo without the booty. Can't go wrong.
stacey dash Stacey Dash - HOW IS SHE NOT ON THE LIST?!?!?!?!?!
phylicia rashad Phylicia Rashad - She was easily the hottest woman on television in the 80s and 90s. People sleep on Claire!
eartha kitt Eartha Kitt -She's the hottest Catwoman ever. What more do you want?
paula patton Paula Patton - Just ask Robin Thicke. He definitely thinks she's hot!
sofia vergara Sofia Vergara - She's our generation's Claire Huxtable. Why shouldn't she be on the list?
janet jackson Janet Jackson - Another travesty. If Beyonce goes, Janet goes. The end.
selena Selena - One of the most beloved women in all of music and entertainment definitely deserves some love from this stupid list.
catherine zeta jones Catherine Zeta Jones - If Selma Hayek gets some love, then CZJ deserves to be there. She's an OG!
sade Sade - Her voice puts her over the top.
diana ross Diana Ross - She's the R&B diva before there was one.
Iman Iman - One of the best models of all time. She's 93 years old and still has it!
angela basset Angela Bassett - Beautiful. Talented. Classy. What more do you need?

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