Overcoming The Odds: The Most Famous Celebrities That Have Been Adopted

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jamie fox A little heartwarming goodness to get you in the Christmas spirit. People say all the time that orphans can't make it in the real world. Well, it's time to prove them wrong. Here are some celebrities that were adopted and went on to amazing things.
faith hill Faith Hill - Adopted at just a few days old by a couple in Star, MS.
lil wayne baby Lil Wayne - No, he wasn't officially adopted by Baby but he might as well have been. Birdman took Weezy in after his father died.
lionel richie Nicole Richie - Her parents were friends of the Richie family and they let the Richies adopt Nicole when she was three due to financial hardship.
dmc DMC - One-third of the most legendary rap group of all time, Run-DMC, was put up for adoption when he was just a baby. He recently reunited with his birth mother a few years ago.
john lennon John Lennon - He was raised by his maternal aunt when his father left and mother started hitting the party scene. His aunt was wealthier and shaped his music.
steve jobs Steve Jobs - His birth parents should feel like total idiots. They said goodbye to the most revolutionary person of the 20th century. But without that, who knows how he would have turned out.
babe ruth Babe Ruth - The greatest non-steroided baseball player of all time was adopted at a young age. Maybe because he was part-Black right Spike Lee?
marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroe - She went from foster parent to foster parent and different foster homes. She moved on up to bang a freaking president! Niiiice.
jamie foxx Jamie Foxx - If you've listened to his music, you'll hear him shout out and honor his grandmother, who adopted him when he was little.
ric flair Ric Flair - The greatest wrestler of all time was born in Tennessee but was abducted as part of an illegal adoption ring. Fortunately, he was raised by an awesome Minnesota family.

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