Madea Goes To Court

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There’s a new edition to the Madea series according Livesteez:

Actor/Director Tyler Perry is being sued over a film script, in which a jury was selected in Marshall’s federal court last week to hear a copyright infringement case against the mogul. Perry was present, under heavy security, for Tuesday’s jury selection process in Marshall, TX. His appearance was deliberately kept secret. Jurors have been instructed to return at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2, to hear evidence before U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis.

The lawsuit was filed May 21, 2007, on behalf of Donna West, who is a Texas resident according to court documents. Ms. West’s attorneys claim Perry’s film, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” was “copied largely from the plaintiff’s copyrighted script.” Ms. West is suing Perry individually as well as Tyler Perry Company Inc. and Lions Gate Entertainment Inc, reports The Marshall News Messenger.

Perry’s attorneys have filed answers to the lawsuit, denying all allegations of copyright infringement. The answers say “the materials claimed to have been copied from the plaintiff’s work are not protected by copyright law because they are ideas, facts, conventions or cliches of story-telling, script-writing or movie-making.”

Meanwhile, Perry’s attorneys say “defendants were not aware and had no reason to believe that their acts constituted an infringement of copyright” because the “defendants’ motion picture was created independently of the plaintiff’s allegedly copyrighted script.”

It looks like Tyler Perry is gonna have to convince a jury he didn’t steal anything from Ms. West and it might just take an @ss whipping or two from Madea to help get the job done. How are yerrr doin’?

Read the full Livesteez story.


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