Life Changes: The Most Drastic And Surprising Body Changes Of The Year

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50 cent 2011 has been the year of the body change. See who made the craziest changes. These celebrities changed weight, hair and bodies over the course of the last few months. Some worked and other made us want them to change back to normal. Take a look and judge for yourselves.
amber rose Amber Rose - Before - Here's the Amber we know and love. Short hair, don't care. Caked out and everything.
amber rose Amber Rose - After - She ditched the short 'do for long hair recently. Are you feeling the new look?
50 cent 50 Cent - Before - Look at Fiddy. Perfectly normal. Minus the suspect fur. What could go wrong?
50 cent 50 Cent - After - Then he started working the kit?! WTF? We don't care how much money he got with the endorsement.
sammy sosa Sammy Sosa - Before - This is what Sosa looked like in the pros.
sosa Sammy Sosa - After - Now he looks like some sort of damn ghost! WTF.
vybz kartel Vybz Kartel - Before - Not that many people knew who Vybz was in 2010. Then he made this crazy change...
vybz Vybz Kartel - After - Then he went the Sammy Sosa pasty route. He also went the "I may have killed a guy and broken out of jail" route too.
vivica fox Aunt Viv - Before - She was one of the hottest women in Hollywood. And she can still kind of get it. But she went too far this year.
vivica Aunt Viv - After - Then she went super ham on that plastic surgery. Just let your fine self age naturally!
j hud Jennifer Hudson - Before - She had the thick look going and was losing weight for a while. But she perfected the look this year.
hudson Jennifer Hudson - After - Look at how fly she is now. If she can only dump that extra weight of a fiance.
jordin sparks Jordin Sparks - Before - Just when you thought she was accepting her think thickness, she goes and changes it.
jordin sparks Jordin Sparks - After - Then she went on and get super hot! What the hell?!
raven symone Raven Symone - Before - She was known for being the huge and hugely rich Disney girl. Suddenly things changed.
symone Raven Symone - After - And now she's got it right and tight. Velly niiiiice.
snooki Snooki - Before - She was an annoying, stupid, idiotic fat chick.

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