Comeback Season: New Music From Artists Whose Careers We Could’ve Sworn Were Over

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New R&B Music Over the last couple of weeks, BOSSIP's email has been flooded with new music by artists whose names we never expected to hear in a sentence involving the words, "Yo, you heard that new....." ever again. But as you know, artists can be a tenacious breed. And haters be damned, people like Ashanti, Teairra Mari and Bobby Valentino have yet to receive the memo that this music thing isn't going any further for them. Meanwhile, a few others, like SWV, Keith Sweat, and Mark "Return Of The Mack" Morrisson must have run out of options to deal with the realness of this recession. But as surprising as they might be, not all of these comebacks are necessarily a bad thing. So without any further ado, we bring you Comeback Season: a Bossip Boombox Special Edition.
Ashanti - The Woman You Love Ashanti - The Woman You Love feat. Busta Rhymes You don't understand how serious this girl is about her dreams of being an R&B chick: she launched a label to do what no other record label would do - sign her and let her put out an album.
Lloyd - She's All I Want For Christmas Lloyd - She's All I Want For Christmas We like Lil' Lloyd. We really wish his was a life destined for R&B greatness... Maybe Ashanti will sign him next...
SWV - Co-Sign SWV - Co-Sign We... We're just not sure how to feel about this one...
Mark Morrison - I Dont Want 2 Die Feat. DMX Mark Morrison - I Don't Want 2 Die feat. DMX Dear Mr. Morrison: maybe next time you don't pick someone just as washed up in the US as you for your comeback...
Teairra Mari - U Did That Teirra Mari - U Did That And here we were laughing at her when she told the "Love and Hip-Hop" cameras she was working on a new album...
New Bobby V Mixtape Bobby Valentino - When I'm Up In It Lol, booooy stooooooooop.
Mya - Somebody Come Get This B Mya - Somebody Come Get This [Beyotch] She said it, we didn't!
Marques Houston - Favorite Stripper Marques Houston - Favorite Stripper An ode to Ridickulous???
Brandy - Silent Night Brandy - Silent Night Another person we would really REALLY want to see remain on top... Could this be the song to get her back and keep her there?

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