A Mad Dash for Stacks

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Damon Dash attended the Moma Film Benefit Gala in NY. He brought his wife, Rachel Roy, but there weren’t any pics snapped of them actually together. Perhaps, she is trying to slowly part ways with him, kinda like his money did as well. SMH

Zoe Kravitz was there with her depressed swag in effect as well:


  • Oshie (” I am sick and tired of these muthaf*ckin snakes! On this muthaf*ckin PLANE!! *) (c) cutie pie 2008

    WOW. Zoe actually looks cute and bathed.

  • Oshie (” I am sick and tired of these muthaf*ckin snakes! On this muthaf*ckin PLANE!! *) (c) cutie pie 2008

    She forgot to comb her hair though. Oh well, can’t expect miracles.

  • Aunt Viv

    Those are some ugly shoes Zoe

  • Say it Aint so Joe

    Rachel Roy looks like she’s wearing pajamas.


    I want a full front and back pic of Rachel’s outfit so I can decide if I like it, I think I do. Dame just cant catch a break.

  • K-mia

    Zoe cute as ever!!

  • Divadeebr

    Did Rachel just decide to come to a red carpet event in her pajamas. Chick just never seems to get it right. I want to like her I really do but her style depresses me!

  • Princess Aokie Lee aka BDR

    Rachel Roy always and I do mean ALWAYS looks a mess. To even have the nerve to be a fashion designer in the same sentence with her name is an outrage.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Atta Girl, Zoe…

    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

  • Nina Knows

    @Princess Aokie Lee aka BDR….

    My thoughts exactly. I believe over 80% of celebrities cant dress. The best dressed people are in the general public.

  • statim08

    Damon Dash looks like a loser.

  • bored

    She’s taking the new pajama kick they were talking about on E last week a bit too far..

  • vegasgal

    Does anyone think it’s funny how Rachel Roy was always with Dame when he had tons of money and now that he’s having legal/money issues she’s all but disappeared?

  • A moment in the dark....

    I wonder how Dame is even able to still be invited to events or benefits!?!? Don’t the people planning those type of events want people with “money” to attend?????? Which he clearly does not have to give away to any Benefit event!


  • Nabler

    I would not have taken a pic with her either wearing that satin pj mess :-( She is way too gorgeous to step out looking that tacky.

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