Bundled Up Ugly: Are You Feelin’ These Celebrities And Their Christmas Sweaters?

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bieber We're sure a bunch of guys out there opened up boxes and saw a lovely, thick sweater sitting that you had to pretend you loved. Well, you're not alone! These stars have rocked the hell out of their Christmas sweaters with no shame. And you know who's the proudest member? Non other than Drizzy Dreifus himself! Enjoy the warmth and hilarity.
drake sweater Drake - Don't fake the thuggery in a Christmas sweater, son. The sweater is harder than he is.
drake sweater Drake...Again
snoop Snoop - Is Frosty smoking weed in his pipe, too?
matt damon Matt Damon
kanye west Kanye West
bieber Justin Bieber
america fererra Ugly Betty
john mayer John Mayer - By the way, we still think he's kind of racist, but that's neither her nor there.
jimmy fallon Jimmy Fallon and His Crew
michael strahan Michael Strahan
al roker Al Roker
bill cosby Heathcliff Huxtable - He's the ugly sweater king. Respect the originator.
dwyane wade Dwyane Wade - This isn't a Christmas sweater, but it's tight as hell! Sup with that D Wade?

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