Hip-Hop Beef: Drake Says He Wants To Catch Fade With The Tattoo Artist That Put His Name On Fans Forehead!

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What ever happened to “diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it”???

If you haven’t already seen/heard there is a woman that has tattooed Drake’s name on her forehead so he knows it’s real. Apparently, the tattoo artist who did the controversial ink work wasn’t familiar with who Drake was or why this woman wanted his name on her body, much less her forehead.

The funny thing is, I didn’t know who Drake was. I figured it was her hood or some isht (ed.), not some goof nugget R&B dude…I guess I feel bad that this dumb@$$ (ed.) got the name of the softest motherfawker (ed.) in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead. But what makes that any less valid of a tattoo to her? I lost a little sleep over it that first night, wondering if I wanted to be known as the @$$hole who tattooed “DRAKE” on some crackhead’s forehead. None of the face tattoos I had done prior to this got any publicity, so I was a little surprised that this one took off like it did.

Drake didn’t take too kindly to the terms “goof nugget” and “softest motherfawker” so decided to do what he does best and let his feelings pour out in an interview with Los Angeles radio DJ Mando Fresko (Power 106).

Flip the page to watch the Drake’s interview and peep the response tweets from the tattoo artist.

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