Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???? Lil Wayne Spotted Courtside With His Lil Italian Jawn Wearing Some Straight Fawkery!!

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This outfit gets even worse after the jump!! SMDH…

Lil Wayne spent his Christmas afternoon at the Staples Center to watch the NBA’s opening day extravaganza with the LA Lakers vs. the Chicago Bulls. Now we’ve seen Wayne wearing some ol’ bullisht before, but we can’t quite figure out which outfit we hate more between this and his lil martian, skater, outfit from Drake’s “The Motto” video.

What the hell is going on in hip-hop that all these rappers think that leopard print ANYTHING is cool?!? Furthermore, we pray to sweet baby Jesus that this big a$$ snow boots do not become the new trend. How can a “gangsta” run from the Police when he’s wearing those??

“Who the eff swapped out my sizzrup for Diet Coke???”

“Aye dog, those boots are fly, but Prince wore the greatest pair of boots of all-time!”

Lord knows what kind of fashion advice these two are exchanging…

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