For Discussion: Should Bill Maher Be Punished For His Blasphemous And Profane Tim Tebow Tweet???

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Bill Maher Tim Tebow

We knew Bill Maher was an atheist, but referencing Satan, Hitler, Jesus and Tim Tebow all at the same time is both begging for attention and some serious repercussions. With all the holiday hubbub going on this weekend you may have missed Bill Maher’s Christmas Eve tweet regarding Denver’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. In case you haven’t seen it here it goes:

Bill Maher tweet

Now some people are into Bill Maher’s brand of humor but this kind of thing during a Christian holiday seems just deliberately disrespectful.

Tebow hasn’t said anything about Maher’s tweet but after the game he continued to express his faith via Twitter:

Tim Tebow Tweet

With that said, if Tebow is allowed to express his faith so freely, is it only fair that Maher be allowed his same freedom of speech to show his lack thereof? Or should HBO have Maher’s show — a known platform for him to express his views — be removed?

What do you think? Please discuss!

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