More Divorce Drama: Deion Sanders’ Daughter Says Pilar Is A Liar, Divorce Has Been Going On For Months And She’s Been Getting Chopped Down By Young Boys

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Deion Sanders' Eldest Daughter Calls Pilar A Liar, Cheater And Gold-digger in Twitter Rant

And here we were thinking this Deion vs. Pilar divorce was going to be quiet because he’s too sanctified to fight back her slander…

Deiondra Sanders took care of that today by lighting into Pilar’s a$$ on Twitter this afternoon after reading her soon-to-be-ex-stepmother’s allegation that she had no clue Deion had filed for divorce until he released his statement to the media.

And in her little twitter rant, Deiondra introduced all kinds of new factors into the situation.

Deion Sanders' Daughter Wages War Of Words Against Stepmother Pilar On Twitter


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