What’s Wrong With This Picture? Look At All The Beckys That Make Up “The World’s Most Perfect Woman”

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perfect face So no person of color can make up a perfect face?! Basura! 9,000 people were polled for a British retailer called Feel Unique and asked to pick the best body parts to make up the perfect woman. They put all the body parts together and came up with this perfect woman. Umm...two things: 1) That kind of looks like a dude. 2) Where are the sistahs!!! This is bollocks! Let's see all the Beckys that made this inexcusable list.
duchess Kate Middleton's Hair
megan fox Megan Fox's Eyebrows (NOT her thumb)
Cheryl Cole's Eyes
beckinsale nose Kate Beckinsale's Nose (okay...whatever)
keira knightley Keira Knightley's Cheeks (no, not those cheeks)
jolie Angelina Jolie's Lips (duh!)
paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow's Chin
kelly brooks Kelly Brook's Boobies

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