Setting The Record Straight…Again: The Craziest Rumors That Have Come Out Since Blue Ivy’s Birth

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You people gotta stop.

Ever since Blue Ivy landed on Planet Earth, rumors have been circling the globe about all the crazy implications of her name and the way she was born. It’s time to put them all to rest. Get the facts!


Illuminati Name – So some people say the name means Illuminati’s Very Youngest Baby Living Under Evil. *blank stare*. It could also mean Interesting Veal Yummy But Leaves Unmistakable Empathy. People have too much time on their hands.

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Illuminati Name Pt. 2 –Her name spelled backwards apparently also means “Lucifer’s Daughter” in Latin. However, Lucifer is already Latin. And Lucifer had no daughter. So…yeah.


Michelle Hates The Baby – Twitter was all up in arms over the fact that Michelle didn’t congratulate Bey and Hov via Twitter. “Let’s get ONE thing straight….I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they’re NOT on twitter…ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time…“ Well, there. She actually likes the baby!

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C-Section? – The rumor was that Bey had a scheduled C-section but the fact is she had a natural, unscheduled birth. Way to fight through it!

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Security – We’re unsure how much security Bey and Hov used for their baby, but reports of bulletproof glass are probably exaggerated.


The Million-Dollar Floor – No, Jay and Bey didn’t spend 1.3 million on an exclusive floor for their baby. They paid standard fee for their room.


Numerology – There are a million numerical theories for Ivy’s name. Like the baby born on the fourth floor and born on 1/7, which adds to 8 which is 4+4. Carry the pi. Add the denominator. Make your brain explode.


50 Dissed The Baby – 50 sent out this tweet that had a link attached to it. People thought that was him sending those shots out, but he denied it saying he just sent out the link by accident since it was on his timeline. So, no beef there.

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