Break Up To Make Up? Broken Up Couples That Still Have Strong Feelings For Each Other…Will They Reunite Soon?!

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bush kim

So much back and forth! We can’t take it!

You ever see couples break up and just know they haven’t cut all ties? Well these couples aren’t couples any more, but we still see the signs that they may be finding love in each other’s arms after all. Let us know how many of these people will be back together by the end of the year.

diddy kim porter

Diddy and Kim Porter – Kim’s said that she’s just always waiting for him to come back where his bread is buttered and he’ll always love her. We believe it too.


Rih Rih and Chris Brown – They’ve been broken up for a couple of years but the subliminal tweets and messages indicate that there are still STRONG feelings. It’s just a matter of time.

amber rose kanye

Amber Rose and Kanye – She’s STILL talking about how much he hurt her and he’s still rapping about her. Plus we’re not sure if she’s convincing her or us that Wiz is a better man.

kim reggie

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush – They’re still in love. Duh. They’ll be together and public once Kim’s PR people deem it okay.

diddy cassie

Diddy and Cassie – They apparently split while Diddy was chopping down Cameron Diaz’s cakes. But they’re still subtweeting and it’s clear there’s love there. He’ll bounce to her before bouncing back to Kim.


Superhead and Weezy – She just posted a text message Weezy supposedly sent her. And Wayne has some weird infatuation with her. They still have something weird cooking.

drake serena williams

Drake and Serena Williams – Serena tweeted anger at Drake’s new boo and Drizzy is in a rap battle over her love. Poor Common.

lil wayne nivea

Lil Wayne and Nivea – Weezy still has something for Nivea and she’s always insisting there’s still love there. But we doubt they make it back together for the long term.

christian millian

Christian Millian and The Dream – Their breakup was ugly, but they seem to be cooling. Think they can bring that family back together?


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