Kanye’s Now Accepting Applications

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Kanye is looking to settle down, but can’t find the right woman:

“I want to have kids,” he tells PEOPLE. “But I want to have the right girl too – someone who really cares about me.” Still, the savvy hip-hop star is no easy prey. “When I’m in a club, girls are super-calculating, planning every step,” he says.

West – speaking exactly a year and a day since the sudden death of his mother, Donda – said making his new album, 808’s and Heartbreak, helped him deal with his sense of isolation. (It was a rough year for West. In addition to losing his mother, he also split with his fiancée, Alexis Phifer.)

“It’s lonely at the top,” he told reporters Tuesday at a London listening party for the new album. “Losing my mom, having no woman in my life to support me – I feel like I’m on my own and can only express it through my music.”

Poor thang can’t find a decent chick to save his life. He’s doing the right thing by not paying attention to any of the sisters in the club who wouldn’t give him the time of day if his stacks weren’t sky high. Good luck, Yeezy; you’re gonna need it.



  • Doagae

    Come out of the closet….your search won’t be so hard….

  • Necy


  • shar

    And would he pay any attention to any woman if she wasn’t fit?

  • Necy

    what happened to the nice girl he used to have??? she didn’t look like a gold-digger to me..




  • Necy

    He looks like he is probably very high maintanence!! just saying…

  • shar

    Hey, how about Madonna – she’s free. She won’t want you for your stacks.

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    Believe it or not…there are some women out their who considers money to be trivial in a relationship, me being one of them, so maybe Kanye just isn’t looking in the right places because they do exist. Or maybe he should stop looking at all and let it just happen with whoever…just my thoughts

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}

    Dang Ye. Well, I hope he finds a nice girl. Beware of those gold-diggers, they’re like rabies.

  • # 1

    Wuz up Kayne! I wouldn’t mine getting to know you better. I’m an educator with a doctorate and gorgeous. I have something to bring to the table. Let’s talk and see if we are compatible!

  • G Money

    I’ll be his boo and I would let him have his boyfriend too. Not a problem :)

  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    *sigh* Ok, I’ll do it… *spreads legs and wallet*

  • Angee

    Come back home Yeezy!! I’m sure there is a Chi-Town lady out here for you. Or at least an old girlfriend that you may be able to re-connect with.

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "When everybody thinks alike, nobody is really thinking"

    Ye know damn well the sea is full of fish, just trust your intuition Ye…Dem gold diggers are smart though…

  • missydaCrunksta

    thats the problem, stop looking in the clubs! you wont see nothing but a bunch of video-ho-vixen wannabes who are all about your stacks.

    what ever happened to his Delta chick who he was rapping bout on the first album? She stuck with your “before the shine” girl

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