Gettin’ Served: A Look At Celebrity Owned-Restaurants Making It Rain And Others That Failed Miserably

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usher Ever wanted to eat at a celebrity-owned restaurant? There are some great ones out there...and some not-so-awesome choices. When stars want to maintain their many, many millions, they invest in different business ventures. One of the most common ventures is a restaurant. These celebrities have put their millions into different restaurants. Some have paid off and others have gone down in embarrassing fashion. Grab a napkin and some silverware and get ready!
luda straits Ludacris - Straits - Luda's restaurant had been opened for five years and shared some immense success in ATL. But the restaurant closed its doors last week so he could focus on his new Chicken And Beer spot opening up in airports.
yao ming restaurant Yao Ming - Yao Restaurant - Yao loved Houston so much that he built a fat restaurant downtown. His career may be over but his restaurant game is making it rain.
gladys knight chicken and waffles Gladys Knight's Chicken And Waffles - This is easily one of the best soul food restaurants on the planet. *Mouth waters*
jordan one sixtyblue Michael Jordan - One SixtyBlue - MJ has had his Chicago restaurant for a while. We wonder how much of it's profits go to Juanita. But we hear it's bangin'.
house of blues House Of Blues - Did you know that Dan Aykroyd, actor from the Ghostbuster movies started and owns the House Of Blues? Dude doesn't need to do anything else with his life. He's caking right now.
usher grape Usher - Grape - Usher's wine bar filed for bankruptcy after just a short time of being opened. Damn, that's a tough break.
flavor flav fried chicken Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken - Sigh. This coonery fell apart before it even got started. Are you even surprised?
britney spears Britney Spears - Nyla - Her restaurant only lasted six months before the doors closed. She was probably focused on other things like being crazy.
hulk hogan Hulk Hogan - Pastamania - Hulkamania was running wild in the 80s and 90s. So he tried to make more money with a Pasta restaurant. That failed miserably and got bodyslammed in the dumpster pretty quickly.
vince young steakhouse Vince Young's Steakhouse - Vince is having a lucrative football career but he's also making it rain in the steakhouse market. Smart man.

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