Living Like Rih-Rih: A Gallery Of Other Celebrities Spotted Rolling Up That Bud

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obama smoking Today, we saw Rihanna rolling up to the finest of God's green goodness. But she's not the first person. Lots of people love their bud celebrities are just the same. But oftentimes, they get caught by the paparazzi and other times they just end up flaunting their love of weed for everyone to see. Whatever the case, let's show you some of Rih's friends that shouldn't make her feel so alone.
paris hilton Paris Hilton
wayne Weezy F. Baby
kristin stewart Kristin Steward (The Creepy White Chick From Twilight) - See that pipe in her hand?
arnold schwarzenneger Arnold Schwarzenegger
cameron diaz Cameron Diaz
obama smoking Barack Obama
diddy Diddy
2pac 2Pac
miley cyrus Miley Cyrus
michael phelps Michael Phelps
rikc ross and wiz Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa
drake Drake
snoop Snoop

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