Rocky Road: A List Of Couples That Might Not Make It Past 2012

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will jada We WANT these couples to succeed but... Things aren't looking up. 2011 saw tons of break-ups and divorces and 2012 might give us the same thing. These couples either seem like short-term flings or have been dealing with rocky times for a while now. Let's take a look at some couples that look like they might not see 2013 together.
jhud david J-Hud and David Ortunga - People have been saying they've had issues dealing with prenups and keep putting off their actual wedding. Plus Punk has been running around with his wrestling dreams. It's time for J-Hud to upgrade.
fantasia antwaun Fantasia and Antwaun - They've been drama from the beginning. And now he might be cheating? Splitsville!
will and jada Will and Jada - They were on the brink of splitting last year. Either that will bring them together or it's just a preview of a rough 2012.
chris kerrueche Chris Brown and Karrueche - They seem in love...until Rihanna has her way!!! *evil laugh*
diddy diaz Diddy and Cameron Diaz - This is just a fling. We all know Diddy will be back with either Kim or Cassie in a minute.
evelyn ochocinco Evelyn and Ocho - They keep moving their wedding back. And Ocho is dirty dogging, too? Oh, lawd.
j lo casper J. Lo and Casper - He's just along for her ride. Just enjoy it until she's ready for a real husband, buddy.
marc anthony Marc Anthony and His Boo Thang - See: J.Lo and her man.
wayne Lil Wayne and His Boo - She's just one in a long list of ladies Weezy will have this year.

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