Real Is Overrated: The Most Notorious And Beloved Fake Celebrity Bodyparts Of All Time

- By Bossip Staff Categories: Bangers, Cakes, News
rosa acosta People talk bad about "getting work done" but that doesn't stop them from staring, does it? These celebrities are as known for their work as they are for their cakes and other body parts. But they got these body parts from a doctor's office. Bet you'd still want to touch them, huh? Thoughts so.
beyonce's hair Beyonce's Weave
nicki minaj Nicki's Cakes
megan' Meagan's Chest
pam Pam's Cleavage
kelly rowla Kelly Rowland's Itty Bitty Ta-ta Puppets
kardashia butt Kim Kardashian's Cakes
lola Lola Monroe's EVERYTHING!
pebbelz Pebbelz's Humongous Goods
jolie Angelina Jolie's Cheeks and Lips
megan fox Megan Fox's Face Lift
coco Coco's Every Curve

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