Hot Ink: A Gallery Of Celebrity Tattoos That Are Actually Pretty Freakin’ Hot

- By Bossip Staff


We spend a lot of time making fun of celebrities for their dumb tattoos. But sometimes the tattoos come out looking really fiiiiine.

These ladies knew the right places to put tattoos and how to make them look like a million bucks. They’re the anti-Mike Tyson when it comes to good tattoo placement. Let’s enjoy.


Rihanna – ALL of her tattoos are super hot. How did she do it?!

amber rose

Amber Rose – The arm tattoo gets no love. But that thigh tat? *Salute*

adrianna lima

Adriama Lima – Her ankle tat is classy. And goes well with her fancy lingerie.


Beyonce – We see that little thigh tat poking out Bey. Mmmmmhmmmm.

christina milian

Christina Milian –
We see that naughty tat poking out too.

jessica alba

Jessica Alba – Something about that tattoo on her wrist is kind of intriguing and hot. Sue us.

jessica biel

Jessica Biel – You better wife that, Justin Timberlake! Can you spot the tiny tattoo? Take your time.


Eve – Her paw tattoos are iconic. They’re as recognized as she is almost.


Evelyn Lozada – Oooohhh…she looks like a freaky Care Bear. Our FAVORITE kind of Care Bear.


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