Dear Bossip: I’ve Been Sleeping With My Ex-Husband To Get More Child Support Money & Now I’m Pregnant

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Dear Bossip,

I have been divorced for the past four and a half years.

I really hate my ex-husband, but have been using poor judgment and still sleeping with him since I lost my job. I have no income besides the child support he pays for our three children. But, he says I sex him so good that he will give me extra money if I have sex with him, which I foolishly have done.

One of my New Year resolutions was to stop having sex with him, money or no money. Now I had a suspicion that I was pregnant, and I took the test and it came back positive. I tried telling him but he is being rude and nasty because I reject his many requests and propositions for sex. I would not have a problem keeping this child but I am currently not in an ideal situation for another one. I have no job, no car, I recently lost my home, and my family and I had to move in with family. And before you go there, yes, protection was used. If it broke he lied or didn’t let me know. What do you think I should do? – Feeling Foolish And Lost

Dear Ms. Feeling Foolish And Lost,

Sigh! I can’t this morning. Where do they breed you women? Someone please show me the farm or cave where these women are being manufactured. I know you’re out there chewing crud and grazing in the fields.

You really hate your ex-husband, but yet you continue to sleep with him? Hmmmm. Then, because you lost your job and have no income, your husband proposes that he will give you extra money for child support if you have sex with him, and your dumbass agrees?!?! SMDH! I’m sorry but the only women I know who have sex for money are prostitutes, tricks, and hoes. Is that you?

Now, your trick ass is pregnant. You have no job, no income, no car, and you live with your family. And, your ex-husband treats you rude and nasty because you won’t continue having sex with him? Girl, I really am done this morning. You have got to be the most asinine stupidest person walking on two legs. Wait, do you walk on two legs or four? LMBAO!

Then, you have the audacity and nerve to sit up here and type that you have no problem keeping the child, but your situation is not ideal. Do you have any brain cells in your head? Do you have any ounce of intelligence or common sense? Why am I even asking you these questions, of course you don’t have any brain cells or common sense. You’re a donkey.

I don’t want to tell you what to do with the child you’re carrying because when someone like you knowingly and willingly sleep with someone and know the repercussions and possibilities of getting pregnant, and you know your ass is broke and disgusted, then you tell me what you should do? You’re the one who CHOSE to lay in the bed. You’re the one who CHOSE to spread your legs from east to west. You’re the one who CHOSE to sell your body as the hoe you are. And, now you want to know what to do? Girl, please step away from me and the computer screen before I reach through the screen and punch you in the face.

But, here is the thing: You’ve been divorced for the past four and a half years. Sooooo, you’ve been having sex with him all this time? Girl, you’re giving me a headache. I don’t even want to answer your damn letter. How can you possibly hate someone so much, yet you lay down, spread your legs, and let them climb on top of you and do their business? Do you value yourself? Do you have any morals or values? Do you have any self-worth or self-esteem?

You see, you’re the type of person that makes people want to smack the –ish out of you. I would reach all the way back and do a roundhouse jump and slap you in your MoFo mouth. How dare you ask me what you should do when you put yourself in this damn predicament? How dare you try to play victim and feel betrayed and misused due to the decisions that you made to keep sleeping with your ex-husband? There is a reason he is your ex! There is a reason you’re divorced! There is a reason he treats you the way he does! Please wake up and stop allowing yourself to be used and manipulated. Know your worth and value. Become a woman with a backbone and a stance. Oh, my bad, that requires you knowing that you are a woman with some worth and value.

Think about this, and then I’m going to be done with you because it is taking everything out of me to know find out where you live and beat your ass with a belt and bust you upside your head to the white meat with the brass buckle. Your ex-husband does nothing to help you in your situation. You’re broke, homeless, no car, no job, and no money. At no point has your ex-husband made any effort to help you, yet he wants you to lay down with him and bang his lights out? I am truly led to believe that you want to get back with your ex-husband. You have a secret desire that the two of you will work things out and live happily ever after. You’re hoping that by continuing to sleep with him that your snatch will make him realize the error of his ways and come running back to you. Well, look here Ms. Hee-Haw, he hasn’t, he isn’t, and he won’t. You’re just someplace to dump his seeds and use as his personal nut rag. I am begging you and urging you to please think about your unborn child, and your other three children. Think about the situation you will bring this child into and how you’re emotionally, and mentally inept to care for this child. Think about your family you’re living with and how they may not be so receptive and welcoming of having you bring another child into their home. And, think about the mouths you have to feed right now, and how it is a struggle to feed and clothe your current three children. As matter of fact, why am I even asking you to think, that requires using your brain and we all know that you don’t have one. – Terrance Dean

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