In Cold-Blooded White Folks News: Ashton Kutcher Parties Hard In Brazil With Blonde Becky While Demi Damn-Near Dies!!

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Damn bruh, we know she’s your EX-wife, but where is the love???

According to TMZ reports:

Ashton Kutcher had no answer when asked if Demi Moore was okay following her nitrous oxide-induced medical emergency — hopping wordlessly into a car beside a blonde mystery woman Tuesday night.

The video was shot as the actor was leaving a nightclub in Sao Paulo, Brazil — an agency photog asks, “Is Demi okay?” … and Ashton keeps mum, piling into an idling vehicle with two acquaintances, one female.

Ashton has yet to speak out on Demi’s condition. The two split in November

C’mon Ashton, you could have at least given her a “I hope she gets well, blah blah, blah”.

Hit the flip to peep the video

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