This May Take A While: A Gallery Of Alllll The Men Rumored To Be Romantically Linked To Rih-Rih’s Red Hot Cakes

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Pack a lunch…there are a ton of guys here.

Ever since Rihanna hit the scene a few years ago, she’s been linked to a different man seemingly every couple of weeks. Some are true and others sound like crazy rumors. Let’s take a look and see which ones have any substance to them.

The Serious Relationships

rihanna negus

Negus Sealy – Her first love. Rumor says they were back together a year or so ago briefly.

chris brown

Chris Brown – Did you know these two used to date?

matt kemp

Matt Kemp – They were cute but we knew it wouldn’t last.

dudley o'shaunnessy

Dudley O’Shaughnessy – Her most recent British boo. We don’t know what’s up with that now.

The Athletes

rashard lewis

Rashard Lewis – This is Rih Rih leaving Lewis’ hotel room the morning after. But we hear that was it.


Andrew Bynum – These two were spotted hanging around La La land for a bit. But it was a wrap pretty soon after.

Swirly Love

colin farrell

Colin Farrell – He loves the sistahs…and they were spotted a few places together. But they both insist it was a rumor.

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake – Rumor had her infringing on his relationship, but people might have just taken the music video thing too far.


Josh Hartnett – These two were swirling it up 4or 5 years ago… Hmmm…

Crazy Rapper Rumors


Drake – Actually, this one is true. Dude is still sprung off that good goodness.

j cole

J. Cole – Rumor was there was a homemade video of the two. Did it ever come out? Nope. Didn’t think so.

kanye west

Kanye – According to rumors, Kanye chopped down Rih Rih after the whole Breezy incident and Teyana Taylor had him admit it on the phone. *side-eye*

kid cudi

Kid CuDi – That same “source” said Rih Rih and CuDi were boo’d up in the same month. The whole story is fishy.


T.I. – And finally, a rumor flew that she did some things with T.I. We’re not believing most of these rapper rumors, quite honestly.

rih rih jay-z

Jay-Z – This is the oldest rumor in the game. Still no confirmation but whatever.

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