For Discussion: Is Drake Crossing The Line By Constantly Dating His Peers’ Ex-Girlfriends?

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Drake gonna make a rapper catch a body like that.

Drizzy and Common are in a nasty battle right now and some say it’s all about Serena Williams. Drizzy was seen out and about with her right after she broke up with Common. Drake raps about taking other men’s women all the time! Does he practice this in real life?

He’s been running around with women right after they break up all the time. Do you think he’s crossing the line or are these chicks fair game after a while? Sound off and take a look at all the examples of ladies Drake’s run around with after they broke up with his peers.

amber rose

Amber Rose – Drake was running around with her and rumors even had him giving her the chop down. And we all know who she used to date.

kanye west

Kanye and Amber dated for like a year. And rumors had Kanye and Drake’s relationship as being kind of rocky for a little bit. Did this have something to do with it?

drake dollicia bryan

Dollicia Bryan – Drake recently had a thing with Dollicia before she clowned him over his colored contacts.


But her ex was none other than Bow Wow, Drake’s labelmate at Young Money! Awkwarrrrrd

common and serena

Serena Williams – All that “Marvin’s Room” BS about taking another man’s woman may have finally come back to bite him…


Now Common’s trying to end Drake’s career on wax. And we’re sure some of it has to do with Drake bundling up with her right after their break-up. Dude doesn’t seem to have any shame!


Rihanna – This was the first example we had of Drizzy trying to scoop up a freshly broken up lady.


And rumors spread that Breezy took issue with Drizzy’s vulturing and wanted to knock him out. We don’t blame him. Drake might need to chill out with all of his sideways dealings. Common might just be the first dude that takes issues publicly.

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