Galleries: Draya And Her Amazing Rack Have A Happy Birthday [Photos]

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Draya and her perfectly augmented tig ole bitties are celebrating her birthday with a plethora of parties this week. The “Basketball Wives L.A.” breakout star started celebrating Sunday at the Greystone Manor party that was also attended by Rihanna and Chris Brown. That was followed by an event at Colony and another smaller private party at Cafe Hollywood and homegirl still has a few more to go — with parties in NYC and North Carolina also scheduled this week. Of course she’s kept her fans in the loop with lots of tweets.

Check them out on the next few pages, then feast your eyes on her chest pictures.

Here’s Draya on her way home from Greystone Manor Sunday all tipsy… Must’ve been a great night cuz Rihanna also got a shout out.

And blowing out the candles for the party at Colony. Draya’s boyfriend David (@Vainstarrz) was also celebrating his b’day…

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