Reality Attention Slores: Omarosa Says Lebron James Broke Her Heart

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Reality Attention Slores: Omarosa Says Lebron James Broke Her Heart

So Omarosa is still relevant? Oh. Ok.

Television personality Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, recently expressed her feelings towards LeBron James joining the Miami Heat:

“I’m still recovering from the whole Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James thing. I’m one of those Cavs fans that’s still nursing a broken heart, but we’ll get it together…Everyone wanted to focus on the owner [Dan Gilbert] and people suspected, ‘oh, he had these malicious thoughts about LeBron the entire time and he showed his true self.’ I think he’s just really hurt, and I’m not defending him in any way, because I don’t think his comments we’re appropriate at all. I’m just saying there’s a lot of hurt that stems from that. I mean, LeBron can do what he wants, he’s a grown man. And believe me, if I’m not happy somewhere I’m leaving too. But you’re talking to a person who grew up in Youngstown [Ohio]. Akron isn’t even an hour away from our home. I watched him on local TV, I watched him win local championships in high school. So I think I was a little more connected to it than most people.”

So people are still mad at LeBron joining the Heat? Please have a seat.


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