Wait, There’s More! A History Of Slore-y “Journalists” That Showed Off Their Cakes At Super Bowl Media Day

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melyssa ford

These slores be thirsty for some Super Bowl attention!!!

Yesterday we showed you one caked out reporter sloring her way through media day. But that’s nothing new.

Women have been sloring around the Super Bowl media day for years. Check out the ladies and accompanying caked out pics!

inez sain

Inez Sainz – She’s the most famous slore at Media Day. These chicks are just pretending to be journalists right. Anyway, check out her cakes!


melyssa ford

Melyssa Ford – Someone invited her to the Media Day for the Seahawks/Steelers bowl. Of course, she got tons of attention.


muscle chick

Rebeca Rubio – She’s a mega bodybuilder that took over the Super Bowl last year. She probably arm wrestled dudes too.


maria menounos

Maria Menounos – She’s at every SB. She’s actually a decent journalist. But she’s also smoking hot.


ines gomes mont

Ines Gomez Mont – This heffa showed up to the Super Bowl in 2008 with a damn wedding dress to propose to Tom Brady. SMH. Who gave her a microphone? But…we could use some more pics.


giants media day

Veronica Grabowski – She’s Miss Nevada. So she’s destined to be at a Media Day, right? Of course!


mireya grisales

Mireya Grisales – Sigh. Another chick from Telemundo. These chicks have no shame. Here she is with the Saints at the 2010 Media Day. And here she is…


renee sapp

Renee Sapp – Yes, they invited a salsa dancer to the Media Day. She didn’t ask any questions…she just, well, danced.


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