Someone Lynch Ryan Leslie Campaign: Too Illegitimate To Quit

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If you don’t know, the manager of Cassie, Ryan Leslie has been accused of creating fake Youtube accounts and putting his subscription rankings on roids, #1 throughout the entire Youtube platform, ahead of Diddy and that no talent skank Paris Hilton. Peep his wack ass Jesse Jackson speech.

I have never heard of anyone on the web or otherwise interested in this cornball. He is widely known as the person who brought the world a pretty girl with no talent or ass. (Very pretty girl) My bet is he cooked and juiced those accounts up. However, whether he cooked up those accounts or not, his Myspace and Youtube marketing for Cassie and himself is genius. SMH at this lame’s video title, “Too Legit to Quit”.

Whoever “legitimately” subscribed to this lame’s feed needs to have their account banned as well.

This is the snitch from Alabama that got Ryan Leslie banned from Youtube.

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