Time To Fight Back: 10 Incredibly Racist (And Sexist) Ads From The Past That Make Us Sick

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nivea Racism is a mofo... Racist ads have been around since advertising has been around. And there have probably been millions of racist and sexist ads during that time. Here are 10 that particularly disgust us. Happy Black History Month folks...and don't forget that the ads out there will still try to undermine us.
fairy soap Fairy Soap - See, because being Black = being dirty. Screw these clowns. vintage Chlorinol - Sigh...it'll just get worse.
nivea Nivea - This ad, depicting an afro as "uncivilized" just came out last year! SMH
van heusen Van Heusen - We bet you're wearing a pair right now.
watermelon Some horrible tool shed company that we hope blows up and dies
dove Dove - Notice how they get "cleaner" as they get from Black to White? Sigh. We see the subliminals.
husband beating wife Chase and Sandborn Coffee - Nothing racist here...just couldn't ignore the sexism. Giving his wife a spanking? For real?
cream of wheat Cream of Wheat - The Cream of Wheat guy is one of the most racist ad men of all time.
benetton Benneton - Oh, okay. Little devil Black baby?

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