Where’s Our Childhood? We Pay Respect To The Stars From The 80s We Lost Too Soon

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Things just keep getting sadder and sadder…

The 80s was a great decade. We loved so much about it namely the stars that we enjoyed. But for some reason, they’re all seemingly dropping like flies.

Let’s take the time to honor the people that made our childhoods worthwhile but they’re no longer with us.


whitney houston

Whitney Houston – Of course we have to start with Whitney. So sad to see her go over the weekend. She was only 48.

rick james

Rick James – He made being super freaky, super cool. And the best Chappelle’s Show skit ever.

macho man

Macho Man Randy Savage – We lost one of our favorite wrestlers of the 80s last year.

time mag

Chistopher Reeves – It was hard to say goodbye to Superman. Superman!

jam master jay

Jam Master Jay – Shot and killed a few years ago. He was a major part of early hip-hop.

flo jo

FloJo – She was a beloved track and field star in ’88.


Rerun – Your older siblings and parents remember Rerun. He passed in 2003.

luther vandross

Luther Vandross – Thank God for him. Some of you are born because of Luther’s music.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson – We’re still torn up about MJ’s passing. *Sigh*

marvin gaye

Marvin Gaye – If you weren’t conceived to Luther, then Marvin did the trick.


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