Quote Of The Day: Country Singer Miranda Lambert Says Chris Breezy “Needs To Be Put Back In His Place”

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Miranda Lambert Chris Brown Do you agree or do you think she needs a "Ho Sit Down"??? Chris Brown seemed to have been redeemed in the eyes of the Recording Academy Sunday night, at least that's how his two performances were perceived by many folks -- including country star Miranda Lambert -- who didn't seem to happy about it. Miranda Lambert tweets about breezy Keep reading for the rest of the tweets
Miranda Lambert says Chris Brown needs to be put back in his place Put him back in his place tho? Really Miranda? And for those who don't listen to country music, according to TooFab:
"Gunpowder" is a reference to Lambert's 2007 hit "Gunpowder and Lead." The lyrics describe a woman preparing to kill her abusive husband when he gets out of jail. "His fist is big but my gun's bigger. He'll find out when I pull the trigger," the narrator sings.
Whoa... did she go too far???
Miranda Lambert talks about performances she enjoyed At least she wasn't all hype over Taylor Swift's dusty arse!
Miranda Lambert tweets about Chris Brown Okay then. Keep reading for folks online response to Miranda's tweets.

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