Strange Feelings: The Most Random Celebrity Crushes That Make Us Scratch Our Heads

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gayle king We all have crazy emotions...but these are inexplicable! Everyone has crushes. Whether you love Kimmy Cakes, Amber Rose or The Rock, these people make your heart pitter patter when you see them. Celebrities have them, too! However, these celebrities choices. Take a look at these celebrities and their random crushes.
osama Osama Bin Laden Crush: Whitney Houston Random, we know. But Osama loved him some Whitney.
kim kardashian Kimmy Cakes Crush: Tim Tebow By "Tim Tebow" we mean "another shot at fame whoring herself away."
ghadaffi Ghadaffi Crush: Condoleeza Rice What is it with those dictators liking the sistahs?
tyra banks Tyra Banks Crush: Chingy Someone explain exactly WTF was going on with that whole thing?
kanye Kanye West Crush: Olsen Twins Why the hell does he want us to marry Kate and Ashleyyyyyyyyy?!
questlove ?uestlove Crush: Alison Brie He had a feature in Rolling Stone where he was nervous as hell around her. If you're not familiar with her, take a look. brie
scarjo ScarJo Crush: Barack Obama We guess she likes her men presidential.
rihanna Rih Rih Crush: Chester from Linkin Park That's about as random as it gets.
gayle king 50 Cent and Gayle King Um...we're not sure who had the crush on who. But this was just weird.

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