All’s Well That Ends Well

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It was a star studded event for the finale of TRL Live in Times Square, NY. A host of stars popped up to show their support like Diddy, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Teyana Taylor.

Of course your girl, Bey, was in the house and she seemed to have forgotten her mechanical glove at home (don’t all clap at once). We really wish she’d take a cue from TRL and just let that thing go, already.

More pics from the event below.

A bunch more when you lift up the hood…

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  • Laydacris

    good for her!

  • Laydacris

    ohhh i’m first!!!

  • kettles

    dayum 2nd

  • Candid Canuck

    she looked good on SNL…..

  • Baby girl

    she actually looks nice…(shocker) no bad comments on Bey today well done and ur weave looks beau-tiful!

  • DaNVofTexas(you can pay for school but you cant buy class)

    Bey is overrated (top ten I think)

  • Just There

    Beyonce looks toned down. Sasha stayed home yesterday.

    Why does 50 look like a molester in that green leather? Eww.

  • Vee-Oy Ve' I HATE Mondays

    Morning Peeps! B looks just like her Mom in that 2nd pic.


    B looks real nice from the neck up…


    Nelly looks like a dweeb with that pencil thin mustache

  • chrsitie

    Why was Diddy there, nobody requested him. B is starting to look more and more like her Mother. And she is starting to look like a married woman, Whatever that means.


    all’em washed up has been artists…sean combs dont miss a damn thing,,he’ll do anything to get some shine time…beyonce always look spaced out in her pics.

  • hater

    can stans say lacefront and knifed up nose… it is what it is

  • msgoodie goodie

    top 5 spot for beyonce –

    1. uneducated

    2. overrated

    3. annoying

    4. cant go without a lace front wig.

    5. go away already,


  • Kelis is still on the top

    #co sign: msgoodie goodie

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